The 1-Day Conference

What a MORE THAN WORDS Conference Looks Like

Tim Wilkins speaks and writes from a historical biblical perspective and as one who used to engage in homosexuality.

Schedule: The typical conference is a 1-day event on a Saturday. However, it can run from a Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, or on a weekday. We can tailor the conference to meet your particular needs.

Attendees: We can conduct MORE THAN WORDS for specific groups of persons – a local church, area pastors and church staff, college faculty, or a denominational gathering.

Venues: Mr. Wilkins has spoken in venues alongside persons from opposing positions – on college campuses, TV, and conferences. His warm and gracious demeanor communicates a genuine sincerity to all persons.

The schedule and outline below are examples of a conference. Actual topics and schedule may vary.

After ending my last gay relationship, I began asking God, “What do you want to do?” Eventually I sensed His answer, “Go to that college in the western part of the state.”

“God,” I said, “I can’t commute four hours a day!”

“I didn’t say anything about commuting,” He replied.

“What??!!” I exclaimed, “Are you suggesting I live on campus? In a dorm? Of men?”

“Tim” He replied, “I never make suggestions. I give directives and you have the choice to obey or disobey.”

“But God,” I roared, “don’t You know – I’m attracted to men?”

“Of course, I know,” God said. “I know everything.”

I came to the point where I had to do one of two things – either stop asking God what He wanted me to do or surrender and “return to college – the one in the western part of the state.”

God did not let up and I returned to that college – “the one in the western part of the state”, where for four long years, I – HAD – A – BLAST and grew “in favor with God and MEN.” (Luke 2:52)

Example Schedule

Doors open (8AM)

Introduction (8:45AM)

Morning Session Part 1 (9:00AM – 10:30AM)


  • “In The Beginning, God”
  • “You Do Not Know The Scriptures Or The Power Of God.”
  • “Inclusion” Acknowledges Those With Unwanted Attractions
  • Is The Church Outsourcing God’s Work?
  • “I’m All Alone In The World”
  • Sprinting Not Allowed
  • Something For Everyone:
    • LGBTQ
    • Parental Pain: “Why Can’t I Tell You?”
    • Counselors
    • Professors
    • Pastors On All Sides Of The Issue

Morning Break (10:30AM – 10:45AM)

Morning Session Part 2 (10:45AM – 12:15PM)


  • Ceasefire: A Clobber-Free Zone
  • The Phenomenon Of “Self-Silencing”
  • Mutual Respect: Learning To Speak “Kindness”
  • Me? Trans?
  • Making Matters Worse
  • Why “Adam And Steve” Is Neither Funny Nor Helpful


  • Rethinking Homosexuality: Paradigm Shifts
  • The Understandable Failure Of “Conversion Therapy”
  • A Misnomer Of Biblical Proportions
  • Why “Change” Leads Us In The Wrong Direction
  • Misreading Pain
  • The Fallacy Of “Converting Gays To Heterosexuality”

Lunch On Your Own (12:15PM – 12:45PM)

Afternoon Session Part 3 (12:45PM – 2:15PM)


  • Temperament, Environment, And The Perfect Storm
  • Failure To Connect
  • Something’s Missing
  • Obliterating The “Choice” Argument
  • Understanding The Doctrine Of Temptation

Afternoon Break (2:15PM – 2:30PM)

Afternoon Session Part 4 (2:30PM – 4PM)


  • Jesus Christ: Our High Priest
  • Employing The Right Tools The Right Way: “If I Had A Hammer”
  • Why “Praying The Gay Away” Misses The Point
  • Belonging: Christian Community
  • Getting Medical Help For Mental Health
  • Outrageous Obedience
  • Touch: Deprivation, Benefits, And Examples Q&A

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“I went to see my first biblical counselor at age eighteen – mortified. It took me 40 minutes to utter four words.
“I am”
“I am a”
Just before the appointment ended, I managed to say what, for forty minutes, I was trying not to say.
“I am a homosexual.”
There, I finally said it. My heart didn’t stop; I didn’t faint or throw up. But I could have been more precise. I should’ve said, “I have unwanted same-sex attractions.”