MORE THAN WORDS is a redemptive voice on issues surrounding the LGBTQ community and the Church – all from a historical biblical perspective. While non-biblical views abound and are well funded, conservative viewpoints are not. Tim Wilkins offers a thoroughly biblically view, clothed in compassion and coupled with genuine respect for all persons. Someone writes, “Tim has the unique ability to love all people, regardless of how they identify.”

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I had just finished speaking at a Louisiana church, when a lovely lady, whom I knew to be lesbian, charged my way. Her facial expression and body language told me she was mad. I sensed the Holy Spirit saying, “Tim, stand still, make direct eye contact, exude kindness, and keep your mouth shut.” The last directive was the hardest for me. She was, in fact, mad, but not at me; she was mad at her sister whom she said “believes homosexuality is a sin.” Her angry tirade lasted about two minutes. What happened next was as baffling as it was instantaneous. Her rant ended and tears began streaming down her red cheeks and dripping off her chin. Certain my face registered bewilderment, I reached out, lightly touched her shoulder, and asked, “Why are you crying?” Her reply – cadenced and concise – did not directly answer my question but spoke volumes: “I – cry – all – the time.”